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Permanent Lighting Technology

Home LED Lighting

Lasting Brilliance

The Power of LED Permanent Lighting

To achieve the perfect holiday decor, choosing the right lighting is crucial. While string lights have their charm, they often burn out after just a few years of use. If you want longevity and savings, the answer lies in Celebright's permanent LED holiday lighting. LEDs outshine incandescent bulbs, lasting up to ten times longer. This means fewer replacements and more cost-effectiveness over time. Additionally, LEDs are eco-friendly, consuming up to 80% less energy, lowering electric bills and reducing environmental impact.
Unlike traditional string lights, LED holiday lights offer consistent and reliable illumination. Say goodbye to flickering or dimming at certain points along the strand. What's more, Celebright permanent LED holiday lighting grants you unparalleled control over your setup. Customize it to your heart's content, and switch things up as often as you desire. The best part? You can enjoy them year-round! Whatever your vision for a luminous display, Celebright LED holiday lighting has got you covered.

App-Powered Illumination

Permanent Lighting Control, Simplified

With our Celebright permanent holiday lighting systems, you're in complete control, all from the convenience of an app on your smartphone (compatible with both iOS and Android devices). Download the app, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you're ready to go! From anywhere in the world, access and manage your lighting system effortlessly.

Set precise schedules for your lights to illuminate at sunrise or sunset, ensuring you never fret about forgetting to switch them off again! Program special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, or New Year's Eve with ease. Fancy a twinkle or chase effect with seamless fades between motions? Just a few taps on the screen bring your vision to life.

The app offers unlimited customization over your colour palette—select from a dazzling array of millions of colours to craft the perfect ambiance for any occasion. It's a lighting experience that puts you firmly in command!

Celebright Phone App
Celebright Phone App

Permanent Lighting, Smart Integration

The Future of Lighting

Celebright's Smart Integration unlocks a multitude of features, effortlessly linking with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Now, users can take command of their light settings, fine-tune colour schemes, and even set up automated lighting schedules using only their voice.
What's more, our lighting system harmoniously integrates into your existing smart home setup. This means you can oversee your Celebright devices and manage other compatible devices with a unified voice control experience.
To ensure a seamless integration experience, we've crafted step-by-step guides and engaging video tutorials (Google Home) (Amazon Alexa). You can also download the step-by-step quick start guides below.

Permanent Lights, Infinite Solutions

Light the Way to Safety and Security

Are you in search of solutions to enhance your home's security and accessibility? Look no further—Georgian Lights has the perfect answer. Our LED Lighting is tailored for everyone, especially those with vision impairments who often struggle to navigate in the dark. With Celebright permanent lighting, you can bid farewell to fumbling and tripping over obstacles when darkness falls. This makes them a must-have for households with young children and families caring for elderly members who require extra attention.

Permanent outdoor lighting also serves as an effective deterrent against burglars seeking to seize your belongings and make a swift getaway. They provide psychological barriers, which can be just as potent as physical ones. Well-lit homes are a no-go zone for burglars, as they aim to avoid detection and identification. Our permanent lights are meticulously designed to ensure your safety and security in your home, regardless of the time of day or night!

Alternative Uses for Programmable Lighting

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